With the platform, you can provide access of your trading account to other users and potential clients, that would like to follow your trading account. This can simply be giving a user the ability to see how your account performs, allowing them to get trade alerts for trading activity or real time copying of the trading account.


Signal pages

The main way to showcase your trading account is through a signal page. A signal page is a full breakdown of the trading accounts performance including; growth chart, profit chart, open trades, trade history and much more.

A signal page can be created at any time and accessed via a unique url. These urls are publicly accessible but they consist of a long random string of characters, so the are not guessable.

The reason for this is our platform was designed to allow individual trading accounts to shine in their own light and target their own audience, not compete with 100s of other systems.

Signal terms

Each signal page can have one or more terms added to the signal page. These terms define how a user can become an active follower.

If a signal page has no terms, anyone who visits the page can see the stats breakdown only.

If a signal page has terms created a visitor can click the follow button and chose to follow a signal based on one of the terms listed.

Access rights

A term defines what rights the follower has for the account. Terms can be created to allow the following;

  • No rights – only see the account stats and trades
  • Email Alerts – setup email alerts for trading events on the account only
  • Trade Copier – setup a trade copier to copy trades form the account only
  • Email Alerts & Trade Copier – setup email alerts and trader copiers

Free or paid access

A term can either be free or paid. There are 3 billing types;

  • Free – No payment is required to become a follower or maintain a following over time.
  • Recurring billing – A payment is required on a recurring basis to maintain the following. Recurring payments are pro-rata meaning clients who join during the month will pay an amount for the rest of that month and then the full amount next month.
  • Performance billing – A payment on required on any percentage of profit generated on monthly basis. If your signal does not make the client any profit that month, the client will pay nothing. If the client does not pay their profit fee, access is removed on the 8th of the month.


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